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A Leading Provider in First Aid and First Aid Training

Arctic Star First Aid and Training aims to become the leading provider for Mobile First Aid and Workplace Training Services  in the Northern region of British Columbia.

We can offer onsite first aid services to the Oil & Gas, Forestry, Construction and Movie industries with a fully equipped first aid vehicle and Level 3 First Aid attendant.

We have the experience and the equipment to provide first aid training on-site at your workplace.  Currently offering OFA level 1 and Transportation Endorsement. More to be added soon.

Why Choose Arctic Star?

  1. 26 Years as Level 3 First Aid Attendant
  2. Certified as a First Aid Teacher
  3. Co-chaired industrial safety committee
  4. Provides volunteer first aid for sports
  5. Combined 45 years of experience in first aid

Worksafe BC Certified


Services We Offer


Onsite First Aid

Sporting Events, Camps, Industry

Workplace Training

First Aid, Industrial, WHMIS
Medical Supply

AED/First Aid Supplies

Affiliated with Mediquest Technologies

Affiliated with MediQuest Technologies – Canadian Supplier of AED Equipment


News and Resources

CPR – The Right Way

CPR – The Right Way

Doing CPR right away can double or even triple a person’s chance of surviving cardiac arrest. Learn these CPR steps now so you know what to do if someone if ever experiencing a life-threatening emergency.


References & Testimonials

Fred Berekoff

Tina made a very dry subject very interesting for me and the rest of my coworkers.  Kept us involved and made it enjoyable.  Has made recertification interesting and fun. 

Spruce Capital Carting Association

Excellent and highly professional. Came prepared with all first aid equipment. Unobstrusive but focused on all of our races. Definitely recommend Arcticstar first aid based on the work they did for us

Teresa - Isle Pierre Sawmill

Tina worked for me for about 7 years at Isle Pierre Sawmill. She was very experienced in first aid and eager to lend a hand.  I always knew if we needed coverage Tina would always be willing to show up no matter what the time

Mine Monsters Welding

Very professional, arrived on time with all equipment and was quite knowledgeable about first aid. Also was up to date on all WorksafeBC  policies and procedures. 

Maurice - coworker

I witnessed Tina doing first aid and she was very professional and confident in what she was doing.  I always felt safe going to work knowing that Tina had us covered.