Mobile First Aid

Workplace Training

Arctic Star First Aid

I have trained to do on the job risk assessments to provide a healthy and safe workplace, and I also try to take all steps to reduce or eliminate risks. I believe in reporting all problems quickly and correctly and co-operating with the employer on health and safety matters.  I thoroughly believe in correcting all elements before accidents can happen

Worksafe BC Certified

Our Mission

To provide the best possible safety service to our customers and we have strict safety controls to make sure you are getting the best.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider in first aid and first aid training.


I am dedicated to maintaining a safe work environment and through my actions,will show my commitment to safety .


Highly trained first aiders who understand the importance of a high standard of work ethic and the continuance of training.


Over 45 years of combined experience in Level 3 Occupational first aid


Believe in giving back to the community through volunteering our time or services.


Relevant Skills & Experience

First Aid and Safety Instructor

  • Facilitate and maintain creative and positive learning environment
  • Prepare and maintain all course related records and submit information as required
  • Maintain classroom safety and discipline at all times
  • Maintain program equipment to ensure a safe and organized work environment
  • Maintain liaison with community, industry, agencies and other professionals
  • Understanding company policy and procedures and best practices

First Aid – Level III Attendant Skills

  • Sr. FA Level III – on site – 10 years
  • FA Level III for 26 years
  • Use of bag-valve mask / pocket mask
  • Oxygen administration, obstructed airway clearing procedure
  • Detection and intervention of life-threatening conditions
  • Principles of immobilization, patient securing for transport
  • One or two rescuers cardiopulmonary resuscitation with AED
  • Ordering of supplies and fill out first aid report

First Aid Certificates

  • NFA Level I Instructor Certification
  • NEmergency First Aid for Industry
  • NFirst Aid Level III – 26 Years
  • NFirst Aid Level I Certification
  • NCPR – C Certification
  • NH2S Alive

Other Certifications

  • NManagement and Marketing Diploma
  • NTransportation of Dangerous Goods
  • NTransportation Endorsement
  • NCertified Forklift Operator