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Mobile First Aid Services

It is important to provide a safe work environment for your employees and to have access to professional help during an unforeseen medical emergency. With a fully equipped mobile treatment unit I can provide remote or mobile first aid services for industry camps, remote work locations, the movie industry or sporting events. Our service meets all Worksafe BC and OHS requirements and is fully insured.

Worksafe BC Certified

Mobile Treatment Centers (MTC)

Our emergency transportation vehicle is a fully equipped treatment center with cellular and two-way radio communication.  Our vehicle is maintained and operated according to the general requirements in the OHS Regulation. We carry all appropriate insurances to cover transport of emergency patients plus class 5 drivers licence.

All employees are fully covered by WorksafeBC and have a WCB #’Plus all PPE to access all forms of worksites including hard hats, hi-vis vests and steel toe boots.

All equipment and supplies are current and up to date.  Treatment truck is cleaned after each shift or every treatment within the truck.  AED’s battery is checked daily to make sure equipment is working correctly

List of Equipment Carried on MTC
  • AED-automated external defibrillator
  • FERNO-basket stretcher and 2 spine boards .
  • 4 assorted hard collars and 2 adjustable hard collars
  • Each unit comes with a fully-stocked Treatment Center
  • 1 Mediquest AED
  •  3 D-Class O2 Cylinder and 3 regulators
  • all forms of breathing masks and BVM’s plus pulse oximeters
  • North Burn Kit
  • 2 Level III Crash Kits
  • 1 Eye Wash Station and 3 single eye cup and wash stations
  • Sharp container and contamination bags
  • Bee Sting Kit and Epinephrine Pen
  • all lengths of  padded splints
  • N 95 mask and face shields plus paper coveralls and sterile gloves


List of Services

On-site Level III First Aid Attendant

All employees hold valid tickets in CPR/AED-C, Occupational First aid level 1 and OFA level 3 and are up to date on all Covid-19 policies for administering first aid to keep all employees and casualties safe.

AED/H2S Certified

First Aid attendants are certified in: AED (automated external defibrillator) , CPR (infant to adult), and oxygen therapy and ventilation techniques.

Hazard Assessments/Safety Checks

With working in the lumber industry and being involved with the safety and first aid committee’s, we have unique qualifications to assess hazards on the worksite to try and eliminate hazards before they become accidents.

Equipment and Supply Restocking

We are affiliated with MediQuest Technologies, a leading AED expert in Canada offering AED sales, service programs, training and more.  We can supply your requirements for safety and first aid supplies.

Mobile First Aid Services

First Aid Attendants

Responsibilities of the first aid attendant include: Providing prompt first aid within the scope of their training. Recording all observed/reported signs and symptoms of injuries, including exposure to hazardous materials.

All our first aiders are trained in all levels of safety from minor wounds to major trauma and understand they are responsible not only for providing first aid, but also ensuring there are no delays in transport to medical facilities.

 Our attendants are trained for the following:

  • AED, Oxygen therapy, ventilation technologies
  • Lifting devices, both clamshell and spine boards
  • Environmental emergencies including exposure
  • Allergy reactions and EpiPen administration
  • Mental health and substance abuse awareness
  • All first aid room procedures and records and WCB reports


2022 Contract Rates

Monday – Friday


MTC/Level III OFA Attendant
$40/hour for first 12 hours

$65/hour after 12 hours to a max of 16 hours a day

Minimum charge for on site service is 4 hours

Travel Cost: $20/hour plus $0.85 cents per KM

Weekends and Holidays


MTC/Level III OFA Attendant
$50/hour for first 12 hours

$65/hour after 12 hours up to 16 hours maximum

Minimum charge for on site service is 4 hours

Travel Cost: $20/hour plus $0.85 cents per KM